Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
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Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)

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This listing is for the grid data only, the Natural Earth 1:10m land vector is displayed only for context and is not delivered upon download.

The Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) is the geocoordinate standard used by NATO militaries for locating points on the earth. The MGRS is derived from the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) grid system and the UPS (Universal Polar Stereographic) grid system, but uses a different labeling convention. The MGRS is used for the entire earth.

The first part of an MGRS coordinate is the grid-zone designation. The 6° wide UTM zones, numbered 1–60, are intersected by latitude bands that are normally 8° high, lettered C–X (omitting I and O). The northmost latitude band, X, is 12° high. The intersection of a UTM zone and a latitude band is (normally) a 6° × 8° polygon called a grid zone, whose designation in MGRS is formed by the zone number (one or two digits - the number for zones 1 to 9 is just a single digit), followed by the latitude band letter (uppercase). The same notation is used in UTM and MGRS is the grid reference system for the UTM system; the article on Universal Transverse Mercator shows many maps of these grid zones, including the irregularities for Svalbard and southwest Norway.

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